It’s Time for a New Perspective

In depth political analysis at the local level is critical in any community. In the rare instances that we find it, it is often either conservatively-skewed or offered without context. Recognizing the need for a view beyond the party narratives, and beyond the surface-level reporting and rumors we see in the community, Atlantic County Our Revolution (ACOR) is launching Perspective: Atlantic County.

Perspective offers a look into politics and government in Atlantic County, with historical and political context to help the average voter and concerned resident understand the background of a given development. With this, ACOR hopes to generate new interest in local politics, and bring a more informed populace into the political world.

Members of Atlantic County Our Revolution will submit articles bi-weekly focusing on local topics and topics with a local impact, through an informed and more progressive lens. This will add to the discourse in our community, enriching readers and their circles alike, and provide an often absent Perspective in local politics.